SUMMON ICONS ON SEARCH, SOLVE, and PROVE ACTIONS (Woman in White, Promo Pack Clue Cards, and future Expansion Pack icon sets) When making a Search, Solve, or Prove Action that requires rolling Summon Dice to resolve an icon set, can I use Items to re-roll these dice for further actions?

When a Summon icon is present on an icon set for Search, Solve, or Prove Actions, Summon Dice can be saved and/or re-rolled as part of those Actions; Items that affect Summon Dice may also be used. For example, the Optic Camera allows you to gain one free Solve or Prove Action. This item allows you to re-roll all dice, including Summon Dice, since this item is specific to an action. Items that allow re-rolls of Clue Dice cannot be used on Summon Dice. So for example, the EVP Recorder only allows re-rolls of Clue Dice and cannot be used for Summon Dice.


When this card is revealed, follow its effects immediately. All players that share a space with another player must immediately move to an adjacent space. When “following Move rules” this just states that players must obey the white lines and walls. However, for this card’s effect, doors are ignored if adjacent doors are closed. If an adjacent space is not available, move the player to the nearest closest space.

The Restricted Movement is active for the entire round, meaning no players may end their movement on another player’s space during their turn.

The card is discarded after every player has taken their turn.

LINGERING EFFECTSDoes a Ghost’s lingering effects last only as long as the ghost is on the board? For example, with the Child Ghost, are the four separate icon sets removed once the ghost disappears, then re-trigger? Do you have to re-roll those again?

For most of the Ghosts, the lingering effects are active while they are on the board. Most of their instructions should be self-explanatory. A Shadow’s lingering effect, for example, is disabled temporarily if Summoned or Séanced. In the case of the Child’s lingering effect, this no longer applies once all of the four icons are resolved. Any Prove Action that is resolved on a Ghost’s icon set remains on the card permanently. This follows the Rulebook under ‘Action 6 – Prove’ on page 14.

CORPSEWhen the Corpse Environment Card is drawn and appears, do players only get two turns per character in total, or can we still use “free actions” that our items give us?

When the Corpse appears players are limited to two actions each, not including movement. For example, you can take Search, Prove, Solve, Summon, Pull, or Unlock Actions in any combination of two. Movement however is not affected by the Corpse, so a player can use a Move Action as a third Action. Any items that give you “free Actions” can be used as an extra bonus Action. Rules for the Corpse are on page 17 of the Core Rulebook.

GHOST HOUR/GHOST MODE What is the difference between the Ghost Hour and Ghost Mode?

The Ghost Hour is activated at XII and an Environment Card is drawn. The Ghost appears in a selected room, indicated by a drawn Room Card and uses its ability. Séances and Summons cannot be performed during the Ghost Hour.
Ghost Mode activates when all seven Clue Tokens have been revealed on the game board or if all revealed Evidence Tokens match each Séance symbol. It appears in a selected room, indicated by a drawn Room Card, at the end of every round at fifteen minute increments. Summons cannot be performed once Ghost Mode is activated and the Ghost uses its ability in this mode. A Séance can be made immediately before a Ghost Mode round is activated. The Ghost is always active in Ghost Mode, moving through each room, quickly ending the game.

MUSEUM SPACE – Does this count as one Space in the Museum?

Yes, in this example the left, center, and right staircases are all considered one space. This is determined by the Walls and white borders.

TIMER Question #1If you get a third timer token during a Séance, do you lose the rest of the Séance?

Yes, if a timer advances during a Séance, which at that point is also Ghost Mode, the Ghost Hour and Ghost Modes supersede. That player’s turn will end, the clock advances, and the Ghost reappears in a new location. If it is the end of the last players turn, the clock advances twice! Once for the timer, and once at the end of their turn (end of the round). In Ghost Mode the Ghost will in this case appear right when the clock advances AND at the end of the round. Timers are nasty!

TIMER Question #2 If a player gets the third timer token during their turn (advancing the clock 15 minutes) and there are other player(s) left in the round, does the ghost disappear or would they still have a shot at prove actions? This assumes it isn’t a Séance and ghost mode isn’t active, which is addressed in the rules.

Prior to Ghost Mode (end of game), the ghost is only able to be on the board while the clock hand is on 12 (unless it was summoned); so, if the third timer is revealed while ghost is on the board at 12, and the hand is moved to 3, the ghost will disappear. If it was summoned, it will also just disappear.

If it is after Ghost Mode has been activated, the third timer causes the ghost to disappear, the clock to advance, and a new room card is drawn making the ghost appear in a new room. The same is true if the ghost was Séanced, it will disappear from the Séanced room and follow the same flow as described above.

WOMAN IN WHITE – When the Woman in White appears on a player’s space, due to her ability, she would cause that player to move to an adjacent space. If the Claustrophobic Environment Card was drawn and a player was moved onto another player’s space, how should these events play out?

The effect of the Claustrophobic Card states that a player cannot occupy another player’s space unless they are moving through that player. So in this instance you would move either player to another space adjacent, ignoring closed doors.

POLTERGEIST If a Poltergeist’s Objects are placed onto a Fire or other obstacle as a result of an Environment Card, how are these resolved?

You can resolve either at any time, however certain obstacles will not let you leave a space or take any other actions until that obstacle is resolved first. Use your best judgement for these situations.

RADIOMETER – If the Ghost is on the board, does the Radiometer prevent the ghost from moving for 30 minutes?

After further review, we feel the second sentence is a bit confusing and doesn’t represent what we intended with this Special Item: “Ignore any activated Ghost Mode or Ghost Hour effects.” This sentence should simply be ignored because it is ambiguous and can lead to misinterpretation. This card will be revised in the second printing of the game.

Radiometer ONLY moves the clock back a half hour; this item is used at the end of a round. If the ghost is present, it will disappear before the Special Item is triggered. If you are in Ghost Mode, you will still draw a Room Card causing the ghost to move to a new room. Any Hour long Environment Cards or Persistence Environment Effects (like Fire) will still be active during these addition rounds; it is still the same hour.

This Special Item is meant to be a safe guard to avoid Environment Card Effects or stalling the ghost from appearing at midnight prior to Ghost Mode. When in Ghost Mode, the Ghost still shows up every 15 minutes meaning the only benefit using the Radiometer is avoiding the Midnight Environment Cards from being drawn.