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Environment Card Layout update 02

I am getting a better idea of how the Environment cards will be laid out. Aligning text across cards, working with fonts and layout. Most of the art is still in a conceptual art phase and a work in progress.

Asylum Cards – Blocking in the gate, color is temporary place holder. Still washed out, more about the layout.

Museum – added filagree to the bottom of the card. Working on color palette and layout of Base card.

Common – working on make the card tie with the other Environment types, including fonts, and subtle designed borders.

Still a work in Progress.

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Kickstarter Delay

April 21st was the day for SKEPTICS to go to Kickstarter. But due to the COVID outbreak, this project is put on hold. Now I am looking at an October release instead.

There is some good news about this though. I have more time to really fine tune things. I have more time to really get the artwork to a quality level, without rushing to get things to production. I have more time to make final tweaks to the game.

Thank you again. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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Latest Test for Card Layouts

Something I was considering for a while now has been to remove some of the art. It was just too cluttered and sometimes had to make the text smaller to fit. So with the Asylum and Museum cards I am going no art (except for some cards like the Lights Out) might have a hint of art. The end card will be a common environment card, and this is where I think I can still use the art.