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We received a comment about the tray and storing the wooden pieces. After we had the tray printed for our manufacturer copy (which included all stretch goal components), we decided to tweak the depth of a few of the sections of the tray and that meant where we intended on putting the wooden pieces, no longer really worked.

We recommend using the section under the clock (where we originally had the wooden bits labeled “5” on the Improved Tray Stretch Goal) for expansions tokens instead. There are plenty of other trays (labeled “2a-2f” on the graphic below) that will hold the wooden pieces.

We had mentioned somewhere in an update or video that we had to slightly tweak the depth of the tray (I think by about 2mm), but think we simply forgot to provide an updated graphic for that Stretch Goal image.

Here is an updated image of one (of many) possible configurations.

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