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Skeptics is 100% Funded on KickStarter

YOU did it! I just made the game. It was all the BACKERS that helped see it through!

SKEPTICS has reached its 100% FUNDED GOAL! I am ecstatic and shocked! Not only because we funded, but because of the small amount of time to do so!

We would Not have done it without the support from all these AMAZING backers, family, friends, colleagues, and so many other people! There are way too many people to thank here!!! Most of the support comes from people who helped me with any part of this process along the way. These are my playtesters, my lovely wife for letting me work in the basement all day Carrie Rivard-Usiak, my friends and family (you know who you are and you are! Do I have to make the list?!), and especially Brian Moats who took up this opportunity to work with me and believe in this game a few years ago! He has been the life line of this Project! Thank you Brian!

I don’t want to get too long winded, because I am too excited! Most of you know that I have been working on this Project for SIX years! I started from the ground up, starting with NOTHING at all! These six years were figuring out the logo, the name of the business, the website, the facebook pages, and most of all – the Main game design for SKEPTICS. The next project will go very very fast since Now I have the Template! I have everything in place to continue this Skeptics Universe!

We really hope you enjoy this game! This will be popular amoung several groups, or it might be great to play alone. Maybe it will sit on a shelf collecting dust! But either way this means you believed in the game in some way and you wanted to see it through!

So with all that said, WE are funded but we are not stopping! Time to unlock some of these stretch goals for SKEPTICS and give you More stuff that automatically will come with the game! The second image will open up shortly to give you a teaser!Thank you again all so very much!

Jon Usiak

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